Fifth Grade Supplies for the 2015-2016 School Year
Dear Incoming 5th Grade Students and Families,
We are very excited about the opportunity of teaching your child and working with you this coming year. The upcoming school year will be an exciting and challenging one. In an effort to help be prepared for the upcoming year, here is an attached list of supplies that are necessary for our classroom community.

All items should be brought on the first day of school. Items with three asterisks * next to them mean that you should leave one at home and bring one to school.
Further, all quantities are listed in parenthesis after the description of the item. Please do not label any items as we will be doing so in class.

Please remember to check in with your child on a regular basis throughout the school year to see if any of his/her supplies need to be replenished.

Personal Supplies
3 Marble composition notebooks
Student homework planner with a calendar of dates, and a large amount of space to copy homework.
Unfortunately, small planners are not accepted. Planners should be 8 ½” x 11” please.
One pencil case (soft zipper case only as space is very limited) (1)
One flash drive (to be used in class as well as in Technology) (1)

Community Supplies-DO NOT LABEL ANY ITEMS**
Sturdy two-pocket folders (10)
  • o 5 personal folders and 5 community folders
  • o All students need at least two of each color: purple, blue, orange, red, and yellow
(It might be a good idea to get extras to keep at home, as many may inevitably tear from use)
Clear protective sheets (1 package)
Loose Leaf Paper (College ruled) (5 packages for home and 5 packages for school) *
Copy paper (1 package)
Loose grid paper (1 pack)
#2 pencils- lots and lots! (At least 50 pencils or more) Please bring in half mechanical pencils, have regular pencils (For home and for school) *
Pencil Sharpener – MUST HAVE A COVER ON IT! (1)
Papermate Flair colored pens for checking work (2 packages)
Sharpie Permanent Markers, Standard/Jumbo Size (2 packages)
Dry Erase Markers (2 packages)
Crayola Washable Magic Markers (1 package for home and 2 packages for school) *
Colored Pencils (1 package for home and 1 packages for school) *
Clear Scotch Tape (At least 4 rolls)
4 oz. bottle of Elmer’s School Glue (1 for home and 1 for school) *
Glue sticks – large (1 pack)
Youth scissors, Fiskar-type recommended (2 for school) *
3” x 3” Super Sticky Post-It Notes in any color (5 packages)
Standard size and Jumbo index cards (2 for home and 2 for school) ***
Jumbo paper clips (larger than standard size) (2 packages)
Paper towels (5 or more)
Tissues (6 or more 175+ count boxes)
  • o Please help us stock up for the cold winter season and spring allergy time! These run out very quickly!
Hand sanitizer, such as Purell (2 large bottles)
Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes (4)
Ziploc baggies (preferably with the smart zip seal) – quart size (1), gallon size (1), two gallon size (1)
Cleaning spray (no bleach please) (1)
Hand soap (1)

Thank you in advance for being able to provide these supplies to our classroom community.If we start out the year being neat and organized, we can set a positive tone for the entire year!* If you are able to donate additional supplies to our class- anything extra would be greatly appreciated!
Kind Regards,Ms. Syed